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Kelly & Peter

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

(Peter) “I waited all winter to propose. I waited for a good snowfall for a nice backdrop, but there was none last winter. Then I thought hhhm, Cherry Blossoms but as they coming, COVID started to kick off. So I decided I’d better go ahead. I had already scoped out where I wanted to do it.  My friends were on standby, and so one afternoon I was like ‘red team, go!’ and they met me at the MLK memorial. I played it off to her like, ‘we’ve been wearing sweat pants too long so let’s get dressed up.’ She didn’t want to come out because of COVID but she ultimately said yes. She showed up, we did have to dodge a few people, but I got on one knee, and she said yes."

Peter and Kelly share the likely challenges they'll face as they move to another part of the country.

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